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Demystifying Why Juicy Fruits Multihold™ is So Fun

Why Juicy Fruits Multihold™ is so popular in the Philippines?

Juicy Fruits Multihold pp slot

Let’s introduce this game first (Release Date: 26th December 2023)

Squeeze even more fun from this hit with Juicy Fruits Multihold.

Played across 5×5 reels, iconic fruit symbols return such as kiwis, cherries and strawberries. These must form a matched combination across the title’s 20 paylines to award a win. A Wild can also land on the reels, which can have either a 2x or 3x multiplier attached. This can land in a variety of sizes, providing even more win potential.

What to expect:

  • At least three scatters will grant six free spins in the bonus round
  • Presenting four unlockable gameboards, players will be collecting scatters to open these additional reels to play on, with each unlocked board also awarding additional spins.
  • Blue scatters will upgrade the wild in play, making these larger with their size being copied over to newly opened gameboards, creating a crescendo of excitement.

Based on our actual testing data
1. Base game hit frequency: 1 in 4
2. Free game hit frequency: 1 in 310.69
3. Max win hit frequency 1 in 2239140.17
4. Odds for > x1000.00 hit frequency 1 in 74997.94

The overall game Return to Player (RTP) is approximately 96.04%

This is a very fun fruit game. You can win big prizes by connecting fruits. What’s more special is that you can directly purchase free spins. After purchasing directly, you can see the beautiful picture of continuous winning. The crown can collect gems, including emeralds, Sapphire... Come and discover more gems.

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