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Demystifying Why Candy Jar Clusters™ is So Fun

Why Candy Jar Clusters™ is so popular in the Philippines?

Candy Jar Clusters pp slot

Let’s introduce this game first

Collect treats in Candy Jar Clusters.

Cakes, jellies and donuts represent the highest-paying symbols in this sugary Slot, which requires clusters of six or more adjacent sweet treats to form a win. Winning symbols are removed from play, triggering a cascade of new icons to fall onto the gameboard and potentially granting subsequent wins. Wilds aid players in creating these clusters, substituting for all base game symbols.

Randomly during any spin, a multiplier up to 100x in value can be added to all wins and tumbles formed, boosting win potential. A collection mechanic is also present which will see Candy being collected in jars to the side of the matrix and, when filled, can trigger one of three different bonuses.

What to expect:

  • Each bonus can award up to 14 free spins, which can be increased further through the collection of free spin modifiers.
  • Five fixed jackpots can be unlocked by collecting corresponding candy symbols, granting up to 2000x
  • A random multiplier can be added on each spin, increasing the value of all wins generated

Based on our actual testing data
1. Base game hit frequency 1 in 3
2. Free spins hit frequency 1 in 149
3. Max win hit frequency 1 in 7575758
4. Odds for > x1000.00 hit frequency 1 in 54201

The overall game Return to Player (RTP) is approximately 96.08%

The characteristics of this game are very similar to playing Candy Crush Saga. The gameplay is the same, just keep matching candies. The higher the number of combos, the higher the reward, so it is an easy game to get started with.

This is why so many people love to play this game. Familiar gameplay, not only is the animation exquisite, but the multiplier of winning can be as high as 2000x. Many players have won tens of thousands or even millions of dollars with small bets. These are happening in JILIBEE ONLINE every day. So if you like this game, don’t miss the opportunity to get rich overnight.